Children’s Used Book Sale 2012

On October 20 the function room of the library was transformed into a welcoming space for children of all ages (and their parents and teachers) to find special treasures among the plethora of used books displayed. Book Sale organizers Anne Fleche, Jenna Leschuk, and Susan Powers put together a wonderful sale that was well-served by Keith Davison’s clever section markers alerting all comers to the books’ layout. “Friends’ Faves”—a new section that will no doubt grow in future years—and a designated corner of board books for the littlest folks helped to make this year’s sale innovative (see photos below). As the day brightened to sun and soccer games, it produced a steady stream of parents and eager book-buying children.

The tables are ready!
Another view before the sale.









A special corner for little ones, supplied with a selection of board books.
A new feature in 2012: a display of Friends’ Faves.
The setup crew.